Who we are

Mzuzu Dairy Limited was created to provide a farm-to-market pipeline for the smallholder farmers in northern Malawi. We aim to provide the following:

  • Dedicated support for the smallholder dairy farmers of Malawi
  • Infrastructure to increase the efficiency of dairy production
  • Community investment through local events and farmer profit sharing

Dairy production in Malawi has seen a severe decline in recent years, due to issues such as dormant cooling systems, inferior dairy breeds, and poor services for local farmers. We believe that by fixing these structural problems we will be able to rejuvenate dairy production within the region in a way that allows everyone to profit.

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What We Offer

Dairy Processing

We buy raw dairy from smallholder farmers, process it at our facility, and bring high-quality dairy products back to market.

Competitive Pay

Our pay is the highest in Malawi, providing the smallholder farmers we source from an opportunity to grow their own operations.

Machine Repair

We support our local dairy producers by repairing cooling tanks, holding motor bike collections, and more.

Dedicated Team

Our team is growing rapidly, and we already have 7 full time staff members and several more interns all working to better serve you.

Farmer Network

5000 smallholder farmers have already joined our network, and we expect that number to double in the near future.

Extension Services

We offer support services for all the farmers we work with. This includes training in animal nutrition, breeding, hygiene, and more.

Want to Learn More?

We want to hear from you! Whether you're a customer, farmer, or investor, we value you're input and would love for you to reach out if you have any questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I purchase your products?

    We are sold locally in shops throughout Dwangwa, Nkhatabay, Mzimba, Rumphi, Karonga and Mzuzu.

  • We are proud to announce that as of November 2020 we are sold in Shoprite stores!

  • Repairing existing machinery within our dairy supply chain is an immediate concern. We also want to do more to help local farmers produce more raw dairy. This can be accomplished through providing them with tools and education in animal husbandry.

  • As we gather investment money, we plan on growing our team significantly by hiring up to 9 people for our base operations. We also will be looking at hiring 55 youths as sales agents, and an additional 20 women for door-to-door delivery. Contact us below for more details.


Our Hardworking Team

Denis Chitowe

Managing Director

Clara Kalambo

Head of Operations

Ndengeza Mtika

Finance and Administration Officer

Reuben Ng'ambi

Production Assistant

Mphatso Mangwana

Sales Officer

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Mzuzu E-hub is an entrepreneurship and innovation hub providing working space and technical assistance to start-up and early-stage companies by linking them to a network of services for success.

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Contact Us


PO Box 1027, Nkhalaphya St, Plot 4, Mzuzu


+265999404815 / +2658888404815

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